[Solved]Cubase Artist 7, Missing VST Connect Plug-In

hey everyone,

just installed Cubase Artist 7, trying to use VST Connect and it’s telling me that i’m missing the Cue Mix plug-in. after checking out my plug-in information, yes, it’s indicating that plug-in as missing.

can anyone tell me why that is and how can i fix it? so far everything seems to be working fine.

on a side note, i’m downloading Cubase Artist 7.5 (maybe that’ll help?)

thanks for your input
DJ Action


“VST Connect SE” only works with Cubase 7 and Cubase 7.5. You are loading the “VST Connect SE” template, right? There is an additional info text next to the title telling “Remote Recording Template using VST Connect SE (Cubase only).” The templates (coming with Cubase) can’t be filtered for Cubase and Cubase Artist.

Sorry, you need Cubase or Cubase 7.5 to run “VST Connect SE”.

See you,