!SOLVED! Cubase can't find interface! Please Help!

This happens sometimes that by accident I turn on my audio interface too late (while cubase is loading up) and Cubase looses the audio connections. And to remedy this back, I have previously just opened up the Audio Connections (F4) and selected my presets in the input and output tab…

Until now! My presets are there stored like they should be, but cubase can’t find the actual interface :imp: :imp: !
I am using a Motu 828mk3 firewire. In the Audio Connections page, on the “Device Port” -column, it sais “not Connected” and the menu only allows me to the “built-in audio” and does not recognize the Motu :imp: … I have tried turning on and off everything multiple times and in every order possible.

Audio is coming through all other applications in case you are wondering.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!


Silly me… The Panic is real when you are in a battle with time and your bread and butter!!

So I am still not used to the menu system in 9.5. Previously there was a “Device Setup” in the “Device” -menu… which is now “Studio Setup” in the “Studio” -menu :confused: :confused: :confused: One of those worthwhile editions in the previous updates :unamused:
Admins, feel free to delete this pois if this was too obvious…