[Solved] Cubase Elements 9: Question regarding midi channel

Hi guys,

got a question regarding midi INPUT channel in cubase elements. I’ve already read the inspector section in the manual but the info there didn’t help me at all. I have a midi keyboard which can output signals to 16 channels, in cubase I have, for example, a prologue track, and I assign channel 1 to it. Check the picture

Now, I’m changing that little number to different channels while my keyboard stays at channel 1 but prologue (or any other vsti) is still getting signals and playing sounds, and the same happens if I keep it at channel 1 in cubase and change the channels from my keyboard. I’m not sure what’s the purpose of that channel option is then, I want to have multiple vsti linked to the same keyboard working on different channels, but I guess this is not the way to do it.

(pd: sorry if this has been asked previously but the search engine seems to reject words like midi and channel for some reason :frowning: )

This number is the MIDI track that the recorded MIDI will be received by, not the input from the keyboard (as you have discovered).

This is of use with a Multitimbral synth (eg: Halion Sonic SE) where you could have one instance of the synth but different MIDI tracks on different MIDI channels triggering the different MIDI instruments within the Multitimbral synth. So one instance of Sonic could provide a Bass, Piano, drums, strings etc on different MIDI channels.

The number gives the output of the track to the VSTi. Setting it to “1” means all MIDI events will be transmitted with channel info “1” on ghe track output, regardless of their channel number on the input. If you want to transmit several different channels, or the origin channel numbee, you need to set it to “any”

aahh ok, i get it, thanks for your help guys!