[Solved]Cubase Elements8 unable to locate Groove and Halion

Hello! :slight_smile:

I have just purchased Cubase Elements 8!

Before purchasing, I had the Cubase Elements 8 trial

I uninstalled the trial and everything I had believed to have come with the trial

I had a few issues/a issue with my Cubase LE 7 but I was able to re-install it and it was just fine~

But now that I have purchased Cubase Elements 8, it is unable to locate Groove Agent and Halion Sonic SE

This is what comes up:

What should I do?

Thank you! (:

Edit: Here is what my VSTI drop down window looks like when picking one:

As you can see, it recognizes Prologue but not Groove Agent or Halion Sonic SE 2

I believe this Halion Sonic is like the one I used in Cubase LE 7, not the Cubase Elements 8 trial

I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling Cubase Elements 8. When you reinstall right-click on the Setup.exe and choose “Run as Administrator”. Also, be sure to choose the option to “Install for All Users”. Do you still have the same problem then?

Thank you very much!
I just did as you suggested

Unfortunately, no, that wasn’t the solution.

However, I only uninstalled Cubase Elements 8

Would you suggest I uninstall more from the following list?

Another option would be to update Halion Sonic and Groove Agent manually. Do you think that would help?

Thank you! (:

One other suggestion, be sure that your User Account Control Settings are at the lowest level. When you did the reinstall, did the installer note that it would update your Halion Sonic SE and Groove Agent SE?

You can also run the manual installer from the Cubase Elements 8 for Windows, Additional Content, VST Sound folder. I hope this is helpful.

Ah, I did as you suggested! Thank you!

Now, it will recognize Groove Agent

I believe it is still not recognizing the new Halion Sonic

This is what happens when I install in the Additional Content->VST Sound folder

And no, when I reinstalled, I believe it did not mention Halion Sonic SE or Groove Agent SE

If it did, then it said “No Change” by it. Cubase Elements 8 was the only program that did not say “No Change”

In Cubase Elements 8, when I go to Add Instrument and add the Halion Sonic I have installed, this comes up:

Edit: Oh, I realized that the Additional Content folder is actually in the folder I have in Downloads for the Cubase Elements 8 Trial for Windows!

I don’t have one specifically for Cubase Elements 8

Edit 2: I located what was in the above image. It may not have been related to Halion Sonic SE 2

Edit 3: Okay, I may have solved the problem

I uninstalled the Halion Sonic data I had then reinstalled Halion Sonic SE 64 and Halion Sonic content under:
Cubase_Elements_8_Trial_Installer_win -> Cubase LE AI Elements 8 for Windows -> Additional Content -> VST sound

And, now I have Halion Sonic SE 2 in Cubase 8!!

Because I installed within the trial folder, will this Halion Sonic and/or Groove Agent expire, or should it be fine?

Thank you! (:

Yes, I expect you should be all set!