[SOLVED] Cubase iC Pro Android

I don’t know if this is the right place for this, I have looked elsewhere and cannot find anywhere more appropriate so here we are! I don’t have the luxury of any more time to trawl the Steinberg websites looking for help - I want to get back to my project!!!

Recentli I purchased Cubase iC Pro license for Android and had it set up working fine with Cubase 8.0 and with my Nexus 7 2013 (Android 4.4). It was particularly useful to me in my workflow. It was to my horror a few weeks later Steinberg in their infinate wisdom decided to ‘discontinue’ iC Pro for Android. They inferred that eveything would be ok as it would keep on working but support is discontinued.

After my Nexus updated to Android 5.0.2 , iC Pro no longer works, when i attempt to run it on my Nexus I get a white pop up message
“Unfortunately Cubase iC Pro has stopped”
and that’s it!
I can no longer find the lastest version Cubase iC Pro to try re-installing on either the Steinberg or Google Play websites. My licence is still in my eLicense centre but the App sadly for me no longer works. I would dearly love to get this working once more, as I had only recently paid for the app and found it really usefull.

Can anyone help me with any information about this, or do I try and get my cash back from Steinberg?

Many Thanks

(I have also recently updated from Cubase 8.0 to 8.5 my system is Windows 7 based))


please give the iC Pro BETA Version for Android 5 a try:



Many Thanks RG

However, having carefully checked the ‘requirements’ and updating to the latest Ski Remote and checked I have the latest ‘Bonjour Services’ and I have an up to date valid licence for iC Pro of course with Cubase 8.5. and have Android 5x with Google Chrome installed

I followed the installation instructions as followed carefully…

Launch your Cubase version
Go to the Devices menu and select “Device Setup…”
In the Device Setup window, click on “+” to add a new device
Select “Steinberg SKI Remote” from the pop-up list and leave the dialog open
Launch Chrome on your Android device and enter the http address shown at the bottom in the “Cubase device setup”.
Tap the “Cubase iC Pro” icon in the Chrome browser of your Android device.

Cubase iC Pro will now be launched inside Chrome on your Android 5.x device.
You can now open the Chrome menu in the top right corner and select “Add to home screen”.
For more information, please read the online help in Cubase iC Pro.

Trouble is, after selecting ‘Ski Remote’ in ‘Device Setup’ - there is NO http address shown at the bottom in the “Cubase device setup”. So I can’t go any further. As my old installed Android Cubase iC Pro won’t load up, I can’t get to the Cubase i C Pro online help! Neither can I find this help on the Steinberg website Knowledgebase or Support.

I guess I must be missing something here but there doesn’t seem to be an Android Beta Cubase iC Pro App to be found anywhere. I guess it must be at the HTTP address, any chance of a direct link to this please. I would like to get this app up and running again.

Many Thanks


sorry to hear it is not working yet… first there is NO Beta Android App. iC Pro will launch inside Google Chrome once the connection has been established.

That you don’t see an HTTP Address is a problem but there can be plenty of reasons, but i will try my best to help you.

  • Do you have static IP numbers assigned to your devices?
  • Can you uninstall the SKI Remote from “Programs & Features” and re-install the latest BETA from the link I provided?
  • Can you assure there is not additional firewall blocking?

Hope we can solve this!


Thanks very much!
I got it working by uninstalling Ski Remote, it took two try’s, the first time resulted in no change. Second try I was more meticulous in checking for the later version numbers and the installation resulted in the HTTP address appearing in my Device Manager!
The beta version of iC Pro now seems fine working happily on my Nexus 7 2013 - with Android 5.02.
I have tested it in my workflow for a couple of days , for me it makes a big difference, I don’t know why Steinberg discontinued it on Android!

Thanks Ricardo!


glad you hear you could fix it yourself! :sunglasses:



Yes, why the heck did they find themselves unable to continue to develop the Android version?

We’re they incapable?
Did App!e persuade them not to?
What on Earth happened so suddenly?