SOLVED: Cubase Pro 10 won't start on Windows 7 64-bit

Bottom line on top: I needed to install the Windows 7 Platform Update:

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Howdy folks,

I created this thread in the General forum before I saw this forum:


  • splash screen comes up for a second then disappears
  • nothing else happens

I updated Microsoft .NET Framework and updated to the latest eLicenser Control Center. Still won’t start.

I’m updating from Cubase Pro 8.5, in case that might be important. I never made the jump to 9.x.

Anybody have ideas? Might there be a crash dump/stack trace squirreled away somewhere? Apologies if this has already been asked and answered… please link to solution if available!




I think this must be due to either the Platform Update for Windows 7 missing or a the UI system.

The Platform update can be found here:
–> I would still recommend to update fully Windows 7, due to the updated UI APIs

As for the UI crashes on start, please see here:

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Thanks Fabio - I’ll check those out next chance I get.

The Platform Update For Windows 7 did it! Cubase 10 is up and running now. Many thanks Fabio! I’ll update my original post.

i have the same problem with window 7
cubase 10 wont load and just crash at " loading Gui resources" just after “loadin Elc” 1 second after i click the cubase desktop icon…
but cople of days before, i installed cubase elemets 10 and it was working fine except some issues with the Esoft licenser not showing in the elc menu , but this problem with cubase 10 rpo is above my understanding …

I tryed the platform update and windows installer says “the update is not aplicable to your computer” ( i have windows ultimate all updated)
also i went to help center steinberg becuz i have invidia gtx 960 - updated. and didnt find the option to select wich programs should be going true invidia instead of intel … also diseabled one by one the GPUs and try to open the cubase without them 2 working sumultanly and nothing it still crashes… i dont know what esle … also reinstalled cubase 10 cople of times …

made a video to explain