SOLVED - Cubase randomly freeze, need help

Hello everybody.
I’m running Cubase 8.0.5 64bits on windows 8.1 64bits
Cubase randomly freeze while i’m working…
Today it already append twice in 1 hour while wrinting some midi parts with halion sonic 2…
All my plugins are updated in their latest versions.

I know I had to try to find which plugin cause this freeze, but I need all of them :frowning: for my mix

Here is what is running in my proget:

  • halion sonic 2
  • Fab filter pro q2 - vst 2
  • Slate VCC - vst 2
  • Slate VMR - vst 3 (vst 2 version cause a crash)
  • Guitar rig 5 - vst2
  • Waves SSL comp - vst3
  • Waves CLA Vocals, Guitar, bass, effect - vst3
  • Waves GTR Amp mon - vst3
  • SH1 bass amp - vst2
  • Waves CLA-76 - vst3
  • Waves C6 Mono - vst3
  • Magneto 2

All pluging 64bits.

Assuming it’s not an hardware issue:
I checked my memory with memtest for 15 hours with no errors, I changed my SSD drive,
Do you guys think it can be my mother board or cpu, or PSU ?

Cubase 8 Pro x64 / Windows 8 x64 / I7 4790k /16Go ddr3 gskill sinper / Asus Z97a

Slate plugs are definitely not stable…VST3 especially so I would rate VMR as the most likely culprit.

I know I had to try to find which plugin cause this freeze, but I need all of them > :frowning: > for my mix

Unless you get rid of the problem plugs there won’t be any mix!!

Thanks for you replay.
I’ll try to unload the slate plugs and see how it works.
Another clue,
I was working on the same project since 4 hours with NO freeze and WITHOUT editing midi parts. (only pure Mixing)
As soon as I loaded up Omnisphere (vst 2.4 x64) I’ve got a Freeze, so I restart the computer et now is working normally… but for how long…

Seems that the midi part cause a problem,
Have you heard about this kind of troubles ?

Hi all,
After some tests I had a lots of freezes without working on midi composition, so even if it seems that cubase freeze more often when I edit midi, it also crash when i’m not.
I tried to work with no 3rd party plug-ins and I had some freezes too.
I’m very disapponted… Wasting so much time in my work just after spending so much money buying cubase…
I worked on a cracked version of cubase 5.1 for more than a year and it worked perfectly even with slate plug-ins, but now that bought cubase and a new computer to increase perfomences I almost can’t work.
If someone have an idea he will same my life :wink:

Hi all’
just a little update to say that all my problems came from my VIA firewire card working with my rme fireface 800.
I just replaced the card by a Texas instrument Chipset and it’s been a week of 10hours a day work without any bugs or crash!
wonderfull :wink:
Now I can say that cubase 8 is really stable :wink: and powerfull

Hi William, its good to see you posted the fix for your problem even though you received little or no help.
What lead you to know the issue was with the firewire card?

Hi mass,
It’s normal and hope this will help someone with the same problem, :slight_smile:
After trying a thousand things with updates, plugins, vst2/3 - 32bits-64bits, native plugs only, I mean software things and still having the same problem, I started to look at my hardware.
I run Cubase 8 in a brand new computer that I built myself and I tested my memory for a day long with Memtest :slight_smile: I tried my CPU with benchmark softs, I have 2 SSD so I tried to reinstall everything on the second one removing the first…
And at the end the only thing I didn’t change was the Firewire card.
What a surprise reading on the net that might cause issues and that It’s IMPORTANT to have a good one and even more with a Texas Instrument chipset.
I bought one and bingo, NO MORE PROBLEMS.