[SOLVED]Cubase Studio 4 - Superior Drummer plug-in not found

I have been all over every forum i can think of for answer to this.

I recorded my entire EP on cubase then today I open it and it won’t find superior drummer (first time it’s happened)

  • searched for “superiordrummer.dll” and added that folder to vst2.x in cubase - DIDNT WORK
  • searched for the blacklist.xml file opened it; superior drummer not listed all i got was this:

  • reset vst in cubase and reinstalled superior drummer - DIDNT WORK

I am out of ideas. What do i need to do for cubase to load superior drummer. I have done everything i have seen on every other forum and nothing has worked. I’m desperately in need of help!


I reset the VST2.X info in Plug-in info and reinstalled Superior Drummer. Then re-mapped it. Solved it for me