Solved - Cubase SX install on Win 7 64

Cause of importing my old .all songs i wanted to install cubase sx on win 7 64.
There are several hints in the web but i didn’t get it to run. So here the quick
Information how to get it run. I got cubase 6 running with license for dubase 6
on elicenser.

  1. Download the install pack from steinberg ftp
  2. Delete existing elicenser program / driver
  3. Change the synchrosoft setup file from download to actual elicenser setup by
    copying the new setup over old setup file from download
  4. Remove usb stick elicenser
  5. Install cubase sx - new elicenser software will be installed cause of exchange of file
  6. Boot and push usb stick in
  7. Open elicenser control center (thats actually the most important thing)
  8. Open cubase sx - working

Without having the elicenser control center open you will get a synchrosoft error.
You don’t need activation of cubase sx, the license of cubase 6 is enough.

Good luck.

Ah. I see you discovered that the issue with installation of older versions of Cubase is often the eLicenser / SynchroSoft change too! I just posted on this with slightly different method (but same theory) for Cubase SE 3.

Great minds think alike!