[SOLVED] Cubasis 2.3 Precount

Dear Steinberg support team,
I bought 2 day ago cubasis 2.3 app for my iPad Air 2

I installed the App and tried some records. Unfortunately the precount does not work.

In the settings, I set all different bars (1,2,3 and 4). But when I start with recording (click on the record button), there is no precount, the record start immediately.

What is wrong? What kind of mistake do I?

Thank you very much for your help.

Hello there.after you have chosen the bar,tap on the tempo.it will open a menu where you can choose the type of precount.have a look at the pic.

Hi UdoSpudo,

Please refer to the “Project View/Transport Panel” chapter in the Cubasis in-app help, to learn more about the available Recording Modes, and how to use them.

Thanks for the helping hand, John1289!