[SOLVED] Cubasis 2 removed from APP store?

I would like to purchase Cubasis 2, or any Ipad varient of Cubasis, but the Apple APP store does not list this APP, only the add-ons? Searching? Cubasis 2?

Do you own any of the interfaces on this list:


If so, you can download Cubasis LE on the app store for free and activate it by starting it with your interface plugged in. Then, if you wish, you can unlock the full (complete) feature set of Cubasis as an in-app purchase for 50% off the full app price.

Just sayin’

Also, if it doesn’t show up when searching for Cubasis, try searching for Steinberg instead.

Are you searching for Cubasis using an iphone? Cubasis is for ipad only.

Hi mehlhoff,

Thanks for your message.

Please find Cubasis for iPad in the App Store using this link.

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