(SOLVED) Cubasis 3.6 project has unknown format error message importing into Cubase 13

Hi, just getting off of vacation where I started a bunch of projects using Cubasis 3.6 (Android).

When I import the file into Cubase Pro 13, I get an unknown format error message.

Any suggestions on what is happening and a possible fix?

Thank you in advance, Bob

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 13.47.02

Hi @BTrumpetBC

Please share the project file with us (please check my PM).


Found the same happens with Cubase 12.


Hi @BTrumpetBC

Thanks for sharing the MIDI files.

Gave the issue a short check, and “Street Life” instantly loads and plays fine (Cubase 12, Cubase 13, MBP 14-inch 2023, Sonoma 14.3.1, Cubasis Project Importer 3.6) - see screenshot below.

Please let me have more details about you desktop setup in use.

Best wishes,

This machine is an old project MacBook running Cubase 13 Pro on Big Sur (11.5.2).

Also a MacBook Pro. Cubase Pro Version 13.0.20. Where can I find the Project Importer application?

This is strange. Justing trying importing on my MBP M1 (Monterey 12.6), Cubase 13.0.20).

The Import Cubasis option does not appear.

Hi @BTrumpetBC

Please download the Cubasis Project Importer 3.6 from here:

Best wishes,

Thank you Lars, that did the trick. So solution found.

Just for your information. Imported the same file on both MBP’s (Intel and M1) with Cubase 13.0.20.
*** The Intel Mac did create VSTi instances for each instrument (except for the Classic Machine track) and could play the song immediately.
***The M1 Mac imported the file with no problem, but no VSTi instruments were created nor mapped.

There was the Program and Control MIDI messages in both List Editors. I am okay with either situation as I would have to reduce or add instruments anyhow.

Thanks again for your help,

PS. I am deleting the part of the thread with my files on it :slight_smile: