[SOLVED] Cubasis 3 crashes in AUM

Cubasis 3 continually crashes in AUM when loading it into the input slot as an IAA input. This doesn’t happen with other DAWs like NanoStudio 2 for example. Not sure exactly what the problem is, but the crash happens almost immediately and the load slot in AUM goes red showing a disconnect has occurred.

Just remembered some apps working better in AUM if you open them first, tried it with Cubasis 3 and no immediate crash, so maybe that’s a solution. If not I’ll post here again.

Hi Rerun,

So, following that procedure solves the problem for you?


Seems to, yes. Still may want to take a look at it, because in my experience only older apps crash the same way.

It doesn’t immediately crash though if you open Cubasis 3 first, like I say. If that changes I’ll post a reply here.