[SOLVED] Cubasis 3 inter app audio not working

Hello, I have recently upgraded from C2 to C3. I cannot get inter app audio to work on C3 but it works fine on C2. For reference AU instruments are working fine in C3. For example, when trying to use Sampletank it successfully openS the app and the Cubasis control bar appears on the left, the keys appear to operate but ther is no sound. This is essentially the same for othe inter app instruments.

Any advice welcome.

Hi Jed,

Please double check that “Background Audio” is enabled under “Setup/Audio”.
Please let me know if this solves the problem.


Thanks, that’s done the trick!

Glad to hear this!
Enjoy using Cubasis & stay well!


Hi, I’m having the same problem, but background audio is enabled. None of my other apps, like SampleTank or AudioOne synth, get recorded. I can hear them fine but the recording stays blank. It’s also stopped working with Audiobus. It was working a few days ago, but now nothing.

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[Brief Description] I’m having issues running BiasFX2 and BiasAmp2 upon reopening a project, but not on New Projects. I get terrible quality of sound and interference. It is most definitely not an issue with my interface, as all other DAWs on my iPad are working fine for these apps.

[Gear] Running Cubasis 3, 3.2 on an iPad Pro 2020.
Guitar setup: iRig HD2, BiasFX2, BiasAmp2.

If I open one of my projects, add a new Audio Track and go Routing - Audio Input - Inter-App, add BiasFX2, I get an absolute terrible amount of static, glitches, crackle, and noises when I play guitar. Whereas if I open a New Project and do the same thing, the sound is clear.

Right now I’m stuck and on a deadline to deliver 5 songs, and I can’t add any guitar tracks!

Is interapp stability still an issue with Cubasis 3?
This was not an issue in the previous version of Cubasis 3, it started with 3.2.

Thank you

Hi gadrianoatx,

Thanks for your message.

The update did not introduce changes in this area.
In addition, please note that Apple discontinued IAA quite a while ago, alongside enabling Audio Unit support as its successor.

I’d suggest to try these steps:

  • Load an empty project
  • Close all open apps, including Cubasis
  • Shut down the iPad

Does this help to solve the problem?

Two more things:

  • Does it work to duplicate your existing projects, to solve that particular issues?
  • We suggest to inform app vendors to release their plug-ins as AU versions (IAA has been discontinued by Apple long time ago). While we support the format, maintenance is not possible, and the issues related with it are unrelated to Cubasis.


I am having the same issue in 3.2. It will be recording audio fine (xlr mic via usb-c interface) but as soon as I go out of app some sort of error occurs and the track is stuck with the rotating wheel of doom.
I have enabled background audio, I have performed the reset you suggested above, but nothing seems to fix the glitch.
Any other ideas?
I’m against deadline, so any help would be appreciated!

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Hi piersw,

Thank you for your message and welcome to the forum.

Please let us have a detailed report using the reporting form below.

It can be short, but requires the listing of the steps to reproduce the issue, alongside the information about the equipment in use (iOS device, OS, 3rd party apps etc.).

Thank you!

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I’m exactly the some problem. It begun on 3.2 update.
On C2 I don’t have problems and when I have started with C3 I didn’t have problems.

Hi Lars
In Cubasis 3 how can we use an instrument as Launchpad or a synthesizer as AU ? because we don’t have this option on Cubasis as track input.

Hi jose.ja.almeida,

In Cubasis 3 how can we use an instrument as Launchpad or a synthesizer as AU ? because we don’t have this option on Cubasis as track input.

Please have a look at our available Getting started with Cubasis tutorial, to learn how to quickly load AU instruments. Alongside, these are the steps to load AU effects..

It always depends on the 3rd party app vendor what formats (such as AUv3) are supported.

In case, your 3rd party plug-in in use is not available in AU format, we suggest to get in touch with the 3rd party app vendor, to let them know about your request.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,

yeah I have the same thing. everything’s fine, I go to record, and then when I go back to edit the clip just sits there with a buffer wheel and the clip never processes. when it does, its blank. AND, lately when I’ve been using and audio extension, like synthone, everything will be fine until i go to record. when I do, the audio extension freezes up and i have to restart it.

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and now when i import an audio clip, it loads and shows the sound wave, so everything should be good, but when i hit play no signal.

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