[SOLVED] Cubasis advice

Hi guys
I’m using Cubasis for my backing tracks and have a yamhah motif I’d like to connect to it
I’ve got Irigmidi2 which is working all fine no problem playing the internal sounds via midi in cubasis
Is it possible to record the sounds from my keyboard as a midi device ? Into Cubasis or would I need to use an audio interface ?
Thanks in advance

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your message.

Since the MOTIF does not include an audio interface, an external device such as our UR series is required to record MOTIF sounds to an audio track in Cubasis.

Connecting the audio outs with the audio interface should be the way to go here.


Many thanks for that I had a hunch i would need an audio interface

Hy Andy,

Thanks for your response, glad to hear it helped.