(SOLVED) Cubasis and Arppegiator (MODX MODX+)

Hi there. Using Cubasis 3.x, and recording an arppegiated track. The MODX allows switching the arp via the “scene” buttons on the front panel.

I wish to use the same sound, but different arps for different sections of the song. However, it turns out changing the arps is global - sections already recorded will use the new arp scene if played back.

Essentially it looks like Cubasis is not saving the notes of the arpeggiation in MIDI, rather the MIDI on event for the active notes, and then the MODX+ controls the arp. How do I have the correct arp recorded in the correct section of each song?

And yes, I’m using the sounds from the MODX+, and each midi channel is set to input and output properly (it seems…).

I know, I’m not explaining this well - sorry about that.

Don’t own a MODX or MODX+ but I’m pretty sure there’s an option in there somewhere to send the actual arpeggiated notes over midi not just the notes that are played.

Page 192 in the MODX manual…

"Arp MIDI Out (Arpeggio MIDI Out)
Determines whether to output MIDI data of Arpeggio playback or not. Settings: Off, On

Sometimes a bit of RTFM goes a long way…


Thanks. Sometimes it does. Like most I’m working through that but couldn’t resist f’ing around and jumping in.

Been on many forums on varied topics, and have myself succumbed to the frustration of the new, lazy, or uninitiated. Clearly I fell into one of these, lazy not being the one here. I just missed it.

Truly thank you for the answer, and I’m sorry for the frustration.

No worries :sunglasses:
Glad you got it working.

Thanks @Samuel_Lindeman for supporting @ommoran, greatly appreciated!