[SOLVED] Cubasis and Audiobus

Hello all,

I have a question about Cubasis and Audiobus. It seems I am only a allowed to use one effect for one track through Audiobus. For instance, if I use Jam Up through Audiobus into Cubasis, I can assign an effect and record a take. However, if I try to move on and try to get Jam Up to work on a different track, it doesn’t work. Essentially, Audiobus only allows Jam Up to be assigned to one track per project. It seems to be this way with other apps as well. Is this an Audiobus issue or is there a way to get it to happen in cubasis?


this is a technical limitation by Apple, only one instance of an app and only one stereo channel per app can be loaded/launched. As a workaround you can go ahead and freeze a track and move on with the instrument for another performance afterwards (make sure to have “Unfreeze Deletes Audio Track” unchecked in the setup).

Thank you!

Thanks! I actually found a pretty good way to do it. Make sure your input (In this case Jamup) is loaded into Audiobus with Cubasis in the output. Record your initial track. Then, create another audio track. Choose insert effect on the new track. Press on an open effect slot. Towards the bottom of the effect choices, you should see an option that says “inter app” Press the “inter app” option. You should see your “effect app” options. Choose Jamup. Now you have a new track armed with Jamup ready to go. I was working on a project and did this for several tracks and it worked every time. Thanks for your help!