[SOLVED] Cubasis and Sonicport from Line6

I just tried using sonic port but Cubasis is not recognizing it in input devices. It does pickup the ipod amp sounds but doesn’t appear to be used as an audio input device. Am I missing something? Anyone?


I am investigating for you on this issue… meanwhile the question, if your internal microphone is is working as an input device in Cubasis?

Thank you!


Our colleagues from Line 6 confirm compatibility between Sonic Port and Cubasis.
Guitar input, stereo aux input and Mobile IAA has been tested along with Cubasis and works as expected.

Please double check the privacy settings of your device:
If the app (Cubasis, Mobile POD, any audio app) is used for the first time the privacy settings for the microphone need to be set: Settings-> Privacy-> Microphone-> enable access for Cubasis, Mobile POD etc.

The Sonic Port audio channels enumerate in Cubasis as:
Mono Input (1,2)
Stereo Input (1&2)