[SOLVED] Cubasis bad issue

Hi all,
I’ve just bought Cubasis for my iPad Pro.
After having played with it after two hours it crashed and now it doesn’t restarts anymore. I tried to restart my iPad…nothing, no luck,…Cubasis starts with the splash screen then it crashes…
In few words I think that i have to delete the app and then re-install it again…
I’m not sure if it will start again correctly.
Let me know what I have to do.

Best regards.


sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please give us info about your setup such as iPad Model, iOS Version, what other apps are installed and if any external audio interface?


I deleted the app and and I reinstalled it again. Cubasis now starts correctly.
Before that issue I was using the Moog Model 15 and I was trying to use it as external effect within an audio track.
I have no external audio cards and my iPad Pro is the larger model with 128GB and the latest iOS version.


Hi gabrielefx,

If you experience the issue again, please make sure to provide us with the crash report:

That way our engineers can have a look for the exact reason.