[SOLVED] Cubasis does not recognize Apogee Jam 96k

I use Apogee Jam 96 k for recording guitar on iPad Air. It works nicely on GarageBand. When I connect with Cubasis that is not recognized and the message “device not connected” is displayed in setup menu. When I remove Jam 96k from iPad the message changes to input gain with a sliding bar. What is the problem?


Thanks for your message.

To our knowledge Apogee’s Jam 96k works fine with Cubasis.

Important point: The “Hardware Gain Control” display does not inform about the status, if an audio device is connected or not at all. You will find the name of your device listed here only, if the device itself supports "Hardware Gain Control”.

Input and output settings have to be set in the routing tab of Cubasis’ inspector (located to the left of the tracklist).

Please refer to the In-App help of Cubasis for more information.


I am using Cubasis with Jam 96k with absolutely no problems, it’s just plug and play.