[SOLVED] Cubasis inter-app midi

Hi, have some questions.

I have’nt touched Cubasis 2
for Ipad much, because i did’nt
have any midi or audio interface for
Ipad, just playing around.
Now that i have bought Irig duo Pro
and testet it on my Ipad, every thing
works perfect.
I am using my Roland XP30 as a midi keyboard!.

For now i am trying to learn as much as
i can with Cubasis 2.

My question here is below:

How can i setup a midi channel for each
inter-app app, so each external app get its own midi channel and dosent interfear with other inter- app midi channel.

I would like to set up track / midi ch
like this in Cubasis below.

track 1 / midi ch 1 : Iwavestation
track 2 / midi ch 2: Ielectric
track 3 / midi ch 3: Im1


The problems starts when trying
to setup more than one track,
all channel is sounding , get mixed

What i want is to, isolate each inter app sound with each midi ch.


track 1: midi ch 1: only iwavestation
will be heard.

track 2: midi ch 2: only ielectric is sounding.


nothing seems to work.

Audiobus crashes!.

Cubasis itself dosent seems to make sny problems , just work perfect, even recording midi in / out.
Cubasis is very stable.

my Ipad is : Ipad air 2, 32gb , IOS 10.2.1


Virtual midi, etc makes it all confusing!.
don’t know what virtual midi is!.

Allready figured it out myself!.

Even Audiobus!.

works perfect! :slight_smile:

Hi henrikmusic,

Thanks for your message.
I’m glad to hear you worked out the solution yourself.

To learn more about Cubasis it might make sense to browse our available tutorials and have a look at the included in-app help as well (simply tap the help button located in the app top right)!

Cubasis Tutorials

Have great fun using Cubasis!


This is embarrassing!.

I tried to get cubasis to work with
im1 , iwavestation, ielectric…
Via inter-app in cubase.

Each inter-app , like im1 gets
a track assigned with midi channel.

Basically i just create one audio track
in Cubasis .
In this particular audio track, i choose
“inter-app” and then cubasis let me choose installed synths app like, im1.

The next thing to do is, create a midi track for the “audio inter-app” track,
choosing midi-out as im1.

I noticed audiobus doing exactly that, when configuring cubasis as output in audio bus and ielectric as input…

Throw any cubase and Halion 5, omnisphere patch creating, midi setup at
me, i could easily handle that,
but Cubasis, inter-app, audiobus etc,
its just damn confusing.

I am still get same problems, all midi , audio , inter-apps is sounding

Why the hell, can i not setup
each midi track with each instrument
inter-app without all instrument get mixed together.

Using my Irig duo pro and my roland xp30 midi keyboard, playing one note,
all midi channel is playing at the same time.

If i do any stuff in Cubase 8, creating
each track with each midi channel with
different vst virtual instrument , like omnisphere on midi ch 1, halion 5 on midi ch2, etc, which i have done more than 100 times, its so easy, but not with ipad.
I must admit i have’nt really got into Ipad
music creation as much as i wanted, but
Ipad is relative simple to work with, atleast
as it should be!.

Hi henrikmusic,

Please follow these steps to connect instruments apps with Cubasis over Inter-app audio:

  • Launch Cubasis and create a MIDI track
  • Tap the instrument icon in the track list
  • Choose the instrument app from within the “Inter-App” list

This is all what it takes, no other steps should be required.

Also, please check that “MIDI Input Only for Armed Track” is ebenabled in “Setup/MIDI”.

Make sure to double check if things work as expected when using Cubasis’ internal keyboard to trigger the sounds of the IAA instruments. It might be possible, that you have to configure the hardware keyboard accordingly to prevent triggering multiple instruments at once.

Please let me know if this helps to solve the issue at your end.


Thanks Lars.

I’ve try it later on!.

I could set my roland XP30 to locaf off.

My Irig Duo Pro has midi in, out.

Roland XP30 has midi in, out, through.

When i was trying ipad with cubasis, doing time stretching, copy , paste
, you name it, i can do it, its not because i dont know how to
use cubasis, even doing Irig duo pro with cubasis, no problems.
It’s when connecting every thing, i mean 3-4 inter apps, Irig duo pro,
roland midi keyboard its get confusing.

Most of my synth apps support inter-app, audiobus.


Thanks for your message.
Please give the steps in my previous comment a retry and let me if things works as expected.


Today, i was trying out cubasis with
midi track and inter-app selected
as you said, still same problem occurs!.
When recording each track, playing
any notes from my midi keyboard,
each inter-app app, like Korg im1,
Ik multimedia Ilectric is recorded perfect.
playing back each miditrack, each
inter-app is sounding as they should,
no problems here.
Example: midi track 1: im1 can be heard
only (if other muted).

midi track 2: ielectric can be heard only!.

playing all track will play all sound
from all inter-apps.

It’s only when playing in “live mode”
realtime , that all sound get mixed.

If i switch to track 1 , playing on my midi
keyboard (where ilectric is!),
both ielectric and korg im1 is heard, like
if two layers is mixed.

The problem is properly my hardware keyboard setup, like local on/ of, external clock on/ off ??.

Hi henrikmusic,

Setting the keyboard to local off should be the way to go.
Please get in touch with Roland or have a look at the manual of the keyboard to check how to do this.

Please let me know if this helps to solve the issue.


Thanks Lars.

well, most of my apps and cubasis and
irig duo pro etc… is working perfect.
I can record each miditrack in cubassis,
example, recording piano on miditrack 1,
recording string on miditrack 2, and so
99% of all cubasis functions is actually working perfect,
i am not asking for the moon!

if nothing worked, then that would be
a major problems, but thats not the case here.
my problem is only a small problems, exactly
cubasis is receiving on all midi ch, only when
playing live!.

as said before , recording or playback midi
just works perfect!

I have to sort it out myself with my
hardware gear, i have plenty of times for

I do remember in the old days back in
the eighties, setting up midi was really
awfull, so complicated! :smiley:

Chears henrik.

Hi Henrik

I have the exact same problem. Could you solve it at the end?