[SOLVED] Cubasis iPad Pro 11" and 12.9" 2018 compatibility

Hi all,

We have identified several issues that occur when using Cubasis with Apple’s latest iPad Pro 11" and 12.9" 2018 models.

In certain situations, the CPU usage of the new iPad Pro 2018 devices might be higher compared to previous iPad Pro models.
Also, using Inter-App Audio and/or Audio Unit plug-ins can lead to several issues on these new iPad Pro devices.

From what we have observed, the problems seem to be valid for several third party instruments and effects apps as well, and occur same way when launching these apps in stand-alone mode.

Our engineering has started to evaluate these issues, and we hope being able to solve the problem as soon as possible.


Yes, I’m having this problem. The entire thing maxes out and starts producing audible clicks after about 7-8 tracks. I’m glad the issue has been recognised :+1:

I am also finding this. Using any apps outside produces clicking. But using them standalone they work fine. Just clicks when going through Cubasis. Got the iPad 12.9 2018

Also the usb mic I’m using (Rode USB) can be a bit fiddly to get working in the app. Can work in one ear then the next and then both. But trying to get Cubasis to recognise it can be tough… I have to fire up garage band then get it working there then switch back to Cubasis.

Hi mediavue,

The next Cubasis update will include changes when using the 2018 iPad Pro models.
While this will improve the general behaviour, we see changes required from 3d party app developers and Apple as well.

We plan to publish a separate article here, once the Cubasis update is ready to being released.

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what day will the update be released? will it work on iphone too? i hope so!

Soon… no iPhone…


Will this next update solve issues with 2018 10.5 pro as well.
I don’t want to update just to find more issues,
I am using 2.5 because of AUv3 and midi freezing issues, will this be rectified in the next update???

Thank you

“Sorry should have said I am using 2.5 because of issues in 2.6”


Hi all,

Please note that Cubasis 2.7 has just been released and addresses the Cubasis iPad Pro 11" and 12.9" issue:


Hi all, I have updated to update 2.7 and I am still receiving a lot of popping and crackling. I am using the new iPad Pro 11”. Please fix when possible. I only got the iPad to use your app as the reviews were very good for it. And so far I have really enjoyed Cubasis 2. The work flow is logical and great. But the feedback I’m getting when I load 5 or more tracks makes it unusable.


Unfortunately the 2.7 update does not address the high cpu usage with the new 2018 iPad Pro (i have the 12.9’’ version. IOS 12.1.1).I have one Cubasis project made on an old iPad mini retina (5 years ago model) that on the new 2018 iPad Pro is playing almost at the same CPU usage (90%). Also on other host (AUM, GarageBand as well) and with many different apps, also AUV3, the new iPad Pro shows no significant improvement with audio CPU performance compared to the old iPad mini retina. This issue seems to be not dependent on the software side but rather to a missing optimization coming from iOS level, for all audio processes. My impression is that all the processes involved on audio management are not using properly the full power of the cores of the A12X bionic CPU.
Some discussion about this problems here:

Please ask Apple to solve this, since is quite frustrating for me having a brand new 1800€ machine that is going like a 300€ one.

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Unfortunately I must add that some problems still exist with those new iPad pro. Have a look at my post:

I don’t know whose fault it is - Apple, Moog or Steinberg - but something has to be done or this AUV3 « revolution » won’t last long and hence the credibility of the iPad as a serious music maker !

Hi 303krs,

Thanks for your message.

As mentioned in your other separate topic, please give Apple’s iOS 12.1.2 update a try.
Also, please check for available Moog updates.

Both should result in performance improvements using the recent 11" + 12.9" 2018 iPad Pro models.

Hope that helps!


Thanks! Was looking for this.

Thanks… and you’re welcome!