[SOLVED] Cubasis LE 2 on iPad Pro not recording audio

I got since a while Cubasis 2 and I used on iPad Air successfully, with my Allen & Heath ZEDi8.

Now I got the iPad Pro. Cubasis is running, it detects the ZEDi8 but no audio is taken from it.
To be sure the ZEDi8 is working, I used it with Garage band (that comes with the iPad Pro) and it’s working fine.

But with Cubasis 2: no audio is listened nor recorded :-/

IOS Version 11.2.1 (15C153)

any suggestion?

Thanks in advance

Hi TormyVanCool,

Please have a look at this tutorial (at around 1.48 minutes), where the audio routing is explained more in detail:

Hope that helps!


I did already all the steps that the video suggests, with not any result.

To be able to make it work, I had to uninstall the App (previously installed from the Cloud … 'cause it was installed on an iPad Air), and fully re-install it on the iPad Pro
At that point it worked.

Hi TormyVanCool,

Thanks for the update, glad to hear re-installing the app solved the issue.