[SOLVED] Cubasis newbie midi problem!

Hi guys sorry if this is the wrong area! I’ve imported a midi file into cubasis on my ipad, and I alter things, like instrument assignment, maybe edit some tracks. But I cannot save the file. Closing the program and reopening, I find I have the original unaltered file. This is also the same if I try to export the file, I get the old one. How do I save altered files? Thanks


Thanks for your message.

Changes in a project are automatically saved in Cubasis.

You may give the snapshot feature a try (follow the link below to learn more), but normally changes should be saved automatically all the time.

Cubasis In-App help snapshot feature description:


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I’ll post some pics later, but when I close the app the last file doesn’t update to the closed app time!

If the problem persists, please upload the Cubasis project via WeTransfer or similar and share the download link with us via private message. Furthermore please let me have more details about the Cubasis version, iPad and iOS version in use.


Hi I’m using Cubasis 1.9.9 64bit on my iPad Air 8gb iOS 9.3.2

I might be doing something basic wrong…I clear all the midi banks and double click on the midi file and it loads up. I alter parameters, instruments etc merge drum tracks…mixing a little. I’ve not ‘created’ a project only alter the midi file! Which doesn’t save!


Sorry, I’ve misunderstood the topic in the beginning.

These are the steps to solve the issue:

  • Launch Cubasis and create an empty project
  • Double tap the imported MIDI file to load it into Cubasis
  • Go to ‘Media/Mixdown’, choose ‘Create Mixdown’ and tap the ‘MIDI’ button

Now a Cubasis project will be created inside the ‘Media/Projects’ directory.

To have your changes automatically saved, please make sure to load the project from within the projects folder always (do not load the original MIDI file from within the MIDI folder).

Hope that helps.


Thanks Lars!