[SOLVED] Cubasis Newbie...midi project insert/delete issues

Newbie to Cubasis. …couple of beginner mysteries:
I got my midi backing tracks (midi files) inserted into the Media /Midi area.
If I load one (double click) it works, but then how do I delete it ?
Loading another file just adds the the tracks from the new file to the other…ie, overlapping tunes.
Seems I have to individually clear the old tracks…is this true?

Also, after altering a backing track, then if I “delete” it, and re-name,
it saves it under new name, but my original is gone.

Very unclear on the Load, and Save functions
Any help?

Hi Q Basehit2,

Please describe/specify more precisely what you’re after and we’re glad to support you.

Furthermore please have a look at the “MediaBay” section in Cubasis’ In-app help to check if some of your questions can be answered beforehand.



Thax, I can’t figure out how to transfer tunes (ie midi tunes, with 6 tracks or so) back to the media bay.
Right now I have in the arrainger a tune, (which I loaded to the Ipad , thru Itunes, from my list of .mid tunes, composed on another DAW. ) and have been altering sounds, etc.
Now I want to save it back to the Media bay, and load up another.
If I hit Media, then “mixdown”, I get only "On and On’, one of the on-board tunes , bundled with the software.

I’ve only been able to delete a tune from the arrainger by erasing track by track, then loading another.
How can I move an entire tune (all midi for now),. back to the Media Bay, clear the arrainger, and prep for another?

Also, while my tune is in the arrainger, there’s no indication of the name. So, If I come back the next day, which tune is up? How can I tell.

These processes, I feel, are basic to any DAW.
Am I missing something easy?
Q Basehit2

Reply again.
Is this program full of bugs…or what is going on?
I try to save with “mixdown” a midi tune with some edits,
and the program defaults to a choice of “on and on” ( onboard file)
and won’t allow a save of my tune, with a new name.
Where is the “Save” function? Specifically, “Save and rename”
Using version 1.9. Brand new.
Q Basehit2


First of all, please help us to track things easier and do not come up with multiple forum postings for a similar topic.

Regarding your mixdown questions please find the answer in your other post:

Please tap the “e” button next to a file entry to rename files.

Projects are saved automatically, “Snapshot” allows to create a version from your project in a specific state.

To learn more about Cubasis please have a look at the available tutorials (and make use of the in-app help):