[SOLVED] Cubasis Stereo Outputs 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 .......etc

How can I enable any cubasis output other than the standard 1/2? For example I want to send a kick drum on output 1/2 and at the same time send a snare drum on 3/4, Synth on 5/6,…etc.

Hi Hoshane,

Cubasis supports up to 24 assignable inputs and outputs.
The available number of ins and outs is depedant on the audio hardware device in use.


Thanks Lars,

I did a check online for ipad audio hardware devices but I’m not seeing any which allows for up to 24 assignable ins and outs. 2 ins and 2 outs are primarily what I’m seeing online (amazon). Are you aware of any audio hardware for the ipad which allows 24 ins and outs?


Ho Hoshane,

I’d suggest to have a look at RME’s Fireface which has been successfully tested with Cubasis and supports 22 ins/outs.


Thanks Lars.