[SOLVED] Cubasis UI Shrunk on iPad Pro 2018

I found this curious issue with the Cubasis UI on the iPad Pro 2018 (mine is 12.9", but I imagine it would be the same on 11")…

Notice the black border around the edge of the UI. This means Cubasis is not taking up the entire screen. Is iOS doing some kind of scaling now that the corners are rounded?

Oh, I guess this is happening with many apps on the new iPad Pros…


Looks like Cubasis will need to be updated to support rounded corners and home bar.

Hi all,

Native resolution support for the new pro models is planned to be included in the upcoming Cubasis update.


Hi Lars,

Is there an ETA for this? Can we expect at least the new resolutions quick update before Christmas?

Hi powerobject,

While we do not announce updates before they become available, it should arrive before Christmas…


Sounds like Christmas!



So in this next update? Will it go universal? I ha e been dying to have Cubasis on my Iphone. There is an untapped market of people just like me looking to carry cubasis
everywhere, not just on ipad. there are a few Iphone Daws that have tried, but nothing is even close to Cubasis.

Yes, iPhone market is very HUGE and Steinberg is missing out on the business opportunity for so long - it’s long overdue.

Recent stats indicate more than 64% web traffic comes on mobile devices (phones).

Hi all,

Please note that Cubasis 2.7 has just been released, and addresses the iPad Pro 2018 issue.