Solved: Cut and paste into voice

Can we have a cut and paste (or move) into voice’?

Paste into voice

Changing the voices of existing notes

Don’t we have this already?
When you cut or copy something and then rightclick where you want to insert it, you can choose “Paste into voice”.


Damn… I keep forgetting I can right-click for voice related stuff.
Thank you.

Dear Steve,
You might want to change the title of the solved threads with a [Solved] thing, for more clarity in the forum :wink:

Interestingly, I would think you could also copy and paste into a different voice by typing v (to change the voice) before the paste, but this doesn’t work. I use the right-click method - which works fine. I wonder why Dorico can’t paste the voice by designating it with the v key first? Anyone know???

Musicmaven, that would be a useful time saver.