[SOLVED] Day 5 Waiting For steinberg Re Licence Problem


This is day 5 of waiting for a response from Steinberg regarding activating my Steinberg account to add my Dorico licence! My issue is very straight forward, I just cannot add my licence to my eLicencer as I am unable to activate ‘My Steinberg’ account as I am not receiving the activation emails.

I have checked my spam folder and my email address is ‘live’ and working as I am receiving plenty of emails there including the ‘Request Received’ ticket from Steinberg.

By comparison, at the same time I also had to email another music software company and had a reply the next day with everything actioned. I sent this request some time after contacting Steinberg!

I do understand that Steinberg must be incredibly busy with this new and wonderful program and it’s great that there is so much interest. I do crave just a few minutes of their time just to activate ‘My Steinberg’ account so I can finally get my licence so I can use this beautiful program.

Daniel was wonderful and kind in sending me a temporary key but, unfortunately, that is no longer working after reinstalling here. These keys can only be used once, including the trial. Thank you Daniel, your interaction here is very highly valued and appreciated.

I am trying to be patient and understanding but, at the moment, I feel that another 5 days and another will pass without resolving my account issue. This is probably untrue and it just feels that way. I don’t know if the Dorico team here can help or advise further.

Here’s hoping I’ll have some better news soon.

Best wishes,


Hamburg is the undercover capital for carnival in Germany. Since thursday everyone in Hamburg is probably dancing and hoping through the office singing naughty songs. I think you will get your answer tomorrow! :sunglasses:

No, never, Hamburg will be the last city where carnival will be celebrated. :wink:

I’ve asked our web guys to have a look what could be wrong…

Thanks Ulf,

Hopefully, even if they can’t find anything, they’ll be able to ‘activate’ my account; it’s still showing as “awaiting activation”.

That will be great if I do hear from them tomorrow.

Thanks for sending the new temporary code until this is sorted out … hopefully tomorrow :slight_smile:

Best wishes everyone,


Hi Michael,

Sorry, there seems to be a misunderstanding. The MySteinberg account corresponding to the email address with which you’ve registered with the forum has been successfully activated on the 6th of February. You can access it anytime. I also cannot find any support inquiry or an online shop account searching for your email address. If you’ve used an alternative address, please send it to me by PM.

Apart from that, you don’t even need a MySteinberg account to download a license. Entering the activation code in the eLicenser Control Center which has been installed along with Dorico is sufficient. Of course, we recommend to register the license in MySteinberg though.



Hello Georg,

Many thanks for your reply and for looking into this for me.

There must indeed be a misunderstanding and I completely accept I’m at fault here and am missing something.

Initially, at the time of purchase, I was unable to login to ‘My Steinberg’ account using my forum info and had the message I need to create a separate account. Now I find I am able to login after all and so don’t need that new account.

Although I was able to activate my licence initially at the time of purchase, now, after installing a new hard-drive it will not accept my licence and all attempts to reactivate have failed. I’m certain the fault is mine.

I’ve sent you full details via PM and I’m sure I’ll soon have my licence installed with your help.

Many thanks and best wishes,


I’ve finally managed to add my licence and activate it.

Thanks to everyone for all your help.

Best wishes,