[SOLVED] deactivate slur symbol in write mode


i can i deselect the tie function with my keyobard?
i can activate it with “S” but how can i deactivate with my keyboard?


That’s a slur, not a tie. Shift+S to deactivate it.

thanks and sorry for my bad note writing english. :wink:
But why is this shortcut not at the “keyboard shortcut” overview?

It’s there. Are you looking in the right place? Help Menu–Key Commands, then find the “Write” section.

Edit: welp, never mind. No, it’s not there.

Not all key commands are shown in the Key Commands editor, for boring technical reasons. But you will find lots of information about inputting slurs, including the Shift+S shortcut, in the documentation.

Thanks. But in the german documentation there i miss a lot of.
I can’t find a section about slurs.
the german documentation seems like not the same as the english one.
that’s too bad

Here’s your best bet, I think. One of the Dorico turorials, auf Deutsch. I searched for “Dorico bindebogen.”


Thanks Dan.

But how is the documentation between german an englisch different. Thats not good

Dorico’s young software. There was no user manual at all for the first year or so, and development has been so rapid that the documentation people are always playing catch up. The documentation can’t be translated until after it’s been written in English, and there seem to be various bottlenecks in the existing translation process.

As Leo says, the non-English versions of the documentation are lagging behind the English version at the moment, but that will not be the case for very much longer: we are in the process of bringing on extra translators to bring the German, Japanese, French and Italian documentation up to par with the English version as soon as possible.

Great!!! Thanks.
The support here at Steinberg is really top notch!