[SOLVED] Deleting files from Cubasis doesn't impact storage

That is to say, deleting files doesn’t increase available space. I have only four projects in Cubasis now, but it’s as if nothing has ever been deleted (I’ve probably deleted 30-35 projects since downloading the app, mostly earlier versions of what still remains). My iPad is almost full (128GB). This is especially problematic given the iOS low disk space warning issue. I have imported the same four projects onto a second iPad, and together they take up about 10GB, so clearly this is not a file size issue. Is there a function similar to “clear cache” in Cubasis?

How do I solve this?

Hi Ars nova,

Deleted files are initially stored in the “Trash” section.

To permanently delete files:

  • Go to “Media/Trash”
  • (A) Select individual files and tap the “Delete” utton
  • (B) Tap the “Empty” button to delete all files from within the “Trash” directory


Ahh … Of course. How foolish of me <:-P

Thanks Lars!