[solved] Different size "paper" for Cond. compared to Full

Thinking I would like to have both a condensed and an un-condensed version available of an orchestral template project I am working on, I created a second Full Score layout and changed its name to Cond Score. The second one has condensing enabled and the first one doesn’t. However, I have been unable to change the “paper” size in the Layout Settings for the Cond Score without also changing it in the Full Score layout. I’d like to have the Full Score be on Tabloid size (“11x17”), and the Cond Score be on ‘Legal.’ (8.5 x 14). If I change one layout it changes both. Is having them different from each other not possible?

The condensed version looks much too ‘spread out’ on Tabloid, but the Full version really needs that much space.

Thanks for any pointers.


P.S., I’m not really talking about paper here, or anything to be printed yet, just the size of the two layouts.

It is certainly possible, Len. When you open Layout Options, make sure that you only have the ‘Cond Score’ layout selected in the list of layouts on the right-hand side of the dialog. Any changes you then make in the dialog will apply only to that layout.

Well, egg on my face. I was sure I had followed exactly that procedure, with the results described above. But when I (again, I thought) very carefully did as you say, it worked as desired. I don’t know what I did differently the first time, but evidently it was not the same.

In any event it’s solved. Thank you.

Also, strangely, fixing this has also fixed the issue I mentioned in another thread, where Dorico was always opening a file in my default laptop own monitor, not in my external monitor if I had last worked on it and saved it there. It now does as expected, after solving the problem in this thread! Weird.