[Solved] Direct guitar, no signal.

I started recording myself for the first time.

Cubase 6.5.3.

I’m connecting the PL to input 3 in my M-Audio Profire 610.
Why 3? because I can’t even get a monitor signal when trying other inputs. Probably something in the preferences.

Now with these settings:
I’m able to get a monitor signal, when the monitor button is on (obviously). I can hear myself through the speakers.
I can see a signal going up and down in the mixer, I can record it, but when I’m assigning some audio insert - for example any Waves plugin - the signal doesn’t go through it.
Analyzers don’t show any signal.
Any effects can’t be heard while playing - only after recording.

I tried connecting the guitar to other inputs, and tweaking the settings in the screens the i’ve uploaded here. It didn’t work. I just lost the monitor signal when trying.
Mind you, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I did try to change the default inputs to 1 and 2 (seemed logical) in the VST Connections menu, while connecting the guitar to input 1.

I have a feeling it’s a really simple solution, please help?

Aloha G,

I sure hope you get an answer to your prob but
if this is truly a ‘set-up’ problem, you might also consider
posting your question(s) here:


HTH (hope this helps)

Last I checked, this is exactly the way things are supposed to work.

So maybe the question should be:
How do I play a live guitar with insert effects on it?

Is your audio interface set to direct monitoring? If so, you cant hear the inserts.

Yes that was it. Thanks.