SOLVED displaying and using lanes in Cubase 7.5

I am using CB 7.5 and notice that the ‘lanes’ sytem has changed. I can’t work out how to work it. In Cubase 7 it was possible to click on a small ‘lanes’ button then ‘drop in’ a new extra lane underneath and record on it WHILE LISTENING TO THE PREVIOUS TRACK? In 7.5 I can see you can add a new lane but when selecting it to record a new bit of a track, the old track won’t play? Is there any way to get a similar behaviour in 7.5? I can use the new lanes system but work out how to get the previous track to play so I can drop into it?
Cubase 7.5
Windows 7

just worked it out, in case anyone else gets stuck - if you hover over the bottom edge of the track details panel under the R W E buttons, you will see it is possible to pull down the height of the track box to reveal hidden icons, including the show lanes icon, as in Cubase 7. Not sure if this is a feature of 7.5, but it is really frustrating as there is no indication there are any icons hidden there. Anyway, solved. Must be a bad head day …