Is there any documentation for this available?
Can we see a real world example of how it is set up? Not just ‘this is how it’s supposed to connect’.

Cubase iCPro NEVER connected with my iPhone no matter how many times I copied the very basic tutorials.

I’d buy it if I can see it work.

I was vocal on needed improvements in the "VST Connect Solutions . . " Topic in the Cubase 7 area.

Now, perhaps, my wishes have been answered . . .
But I’m not sure.

Even a “Quick Start” or “Description of Functions” would be quite nice.


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Here you can find more information:


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Already looked at overview marketing page. Sorry, I can’t find the documentation I asked about.

Nope. Nothing there but the teasers.

Need more operational specifics.

Is there a manual supplied with purchase?
Perhaps you could post this somewhere?



Sorry, know I see what you mean, yes it is available at the downloads page of Cubase 7.
Here is the direct link for the Operations Manual.


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That appears to be only the updated “Performer” manual - not the “Pro”.

Once again . . . ?


Sorry about that, we will upload the full PDF manual, as soon as I have the link I will post it here as well.

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Looking forward to it.


Here’s the VST Connect Pro documentation: http://www.steinberg.net/en/support/downloads/downloads_vst_connect_pro.html