[SOLVED] Dorico 1.0.10- playback of bass guitar, etc

Hey everybody,

in the change log it says that “Dorico now compensates correctly for HALion patches that are transposed by one or more octaves (e.g. double bass, bass guitar).”

Well, no luck for me. Still playing back one octave too low, or am I missing something?

You may need to choose Play > Apply Default Playback Template to give Dorico a nudge in your existing projects, but you should find it’s correct by default in newly-created projects.

Unfortunately no.

I should have written that maybe, but I encountered the problem on a newly started project. Tried it again with applying the default playback template- this resulted in a crash. Tried it again afterwards, no crash, but no luck either…

Workaround I have found:

IN the Halion Sonic window on the bass instrument, switch to the MIDI section and on channel one, set transpose 12 semitones up. I guess that’s supposed to happen behind the scenes, but it doesn’t for me.

Update: I decided to try a fresh clean install, and that didn’t solve the problem either. Bass instruments still play one octave lower than they should for me.

In Play mode, click the cog icon next to the HALion Sonic SE instance that contains your bass guitar, and make sure that the chosen expression map is “Transpose 1 up octave”.

The expression map is chosen, and it doesn’t change a thing. For what it’s worth, if I input staccato notes, they don’t play staccato either (neither on, say, piano, nor on bass). Seems like expression maps are somehow not working here…

I thought I was having the same problem, but it turns out that during input the notes sound an octave too low. On Playback however they play correctly. Could this be your problem too? Is anyone else experiencing this?

[Edit] I should have mentioned that I am using a double bass, not a bass guitar.

Yep, I’m having the same problem here: during input or selecting/editing octave too low. Playback correct.

We have some more work to do on the auditioning of notes during input and editing, so we will try to take care of this then (hopefully in the next update).

Well, well… That’s actually it. I didn’t even TRY playing back after note input, being certain that it wouldn’t make a difference. But in playback, everything’s in its right octave. Feels kind of weird inputting in the wrong octave, though, so I’ll be looking forward to this being addressed.

So, this is at least partly resolved.