Solved: Dorico: Add Above Existing Drum Note

Hello Doricians:

What shortcut do we use to a drum note above an existing drum note?
For example with a kick drum already input what keyboard shortcut to add a snare drum?
In pitched notes the shortcut appears to be Shift/i/5 for example. But on the precussion stave that does not work.

In Sibelius we just press 5.

Navigate to the rhythmic position you want, and press a letter name that corresponds to the treble clef staff.

They’re different instruments combined onto one staff, which is why the interval doesn’t work.

Write Mode; Return then A,B,C,D,E,F,G etc.
Very good thank you

And move the existing notes up or down as desired, using Alt-arrows.

Esc/Alt/ up and down Arrow
Thank you again.