[Solved!]Dorico crash on saving


I couldn’t save my score after recovered. It’s fine to open the file, but the application doesn’t respond everytime I attempt to save it. Is there anyway to solve it? Attach are the crash file and application files.

10/27 update

Dorico 3_2019-10-17-105913_MacBook-Pro.crash.zip (25.6 KB)
application files in Dorico 3.zip (217 KB)

Signal boost—I’m having the same problem (v3.0.10). New projects seem to save just fine.

One thing I noticed: the old projects, which were last saved in 3.0, do not say “this project was created in Dorico 3.0” when I open them.
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (473 KB)

Dorico 3.0.10 and Dorico 3.0 have exactly the same file format, so there’s no need for it to warn you about that.

Alopex, you could try pulling the auto-saved project out of /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 3/AutoSave.

To clarify: I am having trouble saving all projects, not just recovered projects. I updated to 3.0.10 this morning and to macOS Catalina last night.

The big issue is that the behavior is unpredictable. Certain files, including the one I’m trying to work on, crash Dorico if they are the first thing I try to save after opening.

However, there have been a couple instances where I opened a much older file, which then saved successfully. Once that happens, until I close Dorico, all the other files seem to save properly. But this only works, from what I can tell, as long as that instance of Dorico is open.

If I can’t reliably save projects, then I can’t use Dorico!

I would like to attach the project I’m trying to work on, but it is too large as a .zip file. Where should I send it instead?

I doubt it’s the project itself that is causing the problem, Borosini. It is much more likely that you are experiencing crashes in the audio engine, which will have the effect of causing Dorico to hang when it does things that depend on communication with the audio engine, such as starting playback, exporting audio, or saving the project. We’re on the tail of a number of problems with the audio engine that are affecting multiple users with Catalina, but which we didn’t see in our own testing. Because we have not yet been able to reproduce the problems, we do not yet have any suggested fixes or workarounds. Returning to Mojave might be the best approach for the time being.

Thanks. Actually I had done this at once when it kept crashing. And the same thing happens again even when it is on the desktop. Meanwhile, the other auto-saved files have the same problem, including the oldest one I could find. Is there any other thing I could do?

I think you would have to run Dorico without the audio engine at all. You can do that by finding the Dorico 3.app package in your Applications folder, right-clicking and choosing Show Package Contents. In the new Finder window that opens, go into Contents/Applications and you’ll find the VSTAudioEngine.app bundle inside there. Move this out of the Dorico 3 application package altogether. Dorico will still run, but you’ll have no playback, audio, or MIDI input. However, it should reliably open, edit and save projects without hanging.

I removed the engine and opened the application again. It crashed here as attach. I can’t open the auto-saved files now. Actually I can’t open the application at all, it shows the same message. Is there anything I missed?

By the way, before removed the engine, I have checked some of the other scores I have (normal, not auto-saved) randomly, they have the same issue. I can open and edit them though, they all crash on savings.

It shouldn’t say “Audio engine process died” because the audio engine shouldn’t be inside the bundle at all, in which case Dorico can’t even launch it. To get back to the default state, I suggest you trash your Dorico 3.app package and run the Dorico 3.0.10 application installer again, which you can download here.

Thanks for the link. The new file I download has the same positions in everything and the same result, either for saving or removing the engine. Maybe something else is happening?
Another detail, I did find there’s a progress chart stopped at 80% back of the windows when Dorico crash on saving.

We’d better have a new set of diagnostics to see what might be different now, I guess.

Hi Daniel. I’m having the same issue. Thanks @Alopex for noticing that saving another project first seems to fix it for as long as Dorico is open.
Watching closely for updates!

After a mighty struggle, I’ve managed to downgrade to Mojave, but the crashing on save persists.

I don’t know if any new information is to be gained from it, but here is a new diagnostic report.
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (126 KB)

I have the same issue on saving!

Anything I could do to help? Any other useful information on that application that I could get from my computer?

Yes, Alopex, please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the zip file created on your computer’s desktop.

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (552 KB)

A new one from me from my work computer, still Mojave.


Dorico Diagnostics.zip (248 KB)

Alopex - your crash is one that mostly is only affecting Catalina users at the moment - we’re investigating. If you have the ability to roll back to Mojave then this may be advisable for the moment.
Jesper - your crash is one that seems to occur when the audio engine is terminating. Normally this affects users of VE Pro, but this is the first time we’ve had a report with NotePerformer, and again we’re investigating it