[SOLVED] Dorico doesn't work

I’ve just purchased your new notation software “Dorico”. I was looking forward this program would come up. Finally, Dorico is installed in my computer, but I can’t even create a new empty project, the first step of using the program.
When I click the “New empty project” button, an error message appears and Dorico is closed. I attach screenshots with the message.
My computer is: PC with i7 processor, 24 GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive SSD, and Windows 10 operative system with the latest updates.
Everything is correctly installed and authorized, but in the very first moment of opening the software, the program crashes suddenly.
What can I do? Can you help me? I have no idea of what happens. All of my programs run correctly in my computer.
Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Could you let us know what kind of audio hardware you are using?

My audio hardware is Steinberg MR816 CSX

But have you chosen your MR816 already in the Device Setup?
On first start Dorico defaults to the Generic Low Latency Driver which puts sound out via the built-in chip.
We have a few customers who have problems with that if the sound chip is from RealTek.

Please start Dorico and before creating a new project, please go to the Edit menu (I think Edicion in your language) and choose the last item, Device Setup. In there, please choose the Steinberg driver for your MR.
Does it work in that case?

Thank you very much.
I’ve been an authentic newbiew. I didn’t know the program was opened with Generic Audio Dr ivers.
I should have imagined. I’m sorry I was very clumsy. All is working now.
Thank you again for your fast help.

Excellent, good to hear.
Nevertheless, it should also work with the Generic driver and not crash anyone, but we are on the case.