[SOLVED] Dorico SE / Noteperformer


I have Dorico 3 Pro on my Mac with Noteperferormer. On my Windows computer I use Dorico SE to play or print the notes. When I open it with Dorico SE the system tells me that Noteperformer is not installed. This is correct. I then change the template to “HSSE Elements”. The assignment of the instruments is correct. But I do not hear any sound. I can’t see any movement in the Dorico Mixer either. Why?


Hi Thomas.
The lack of movement makes me think of a possible sampling frequency problem. Go to the preferences in Dorico, find the output device, change it’s frequency to 48kHz for a second and back to 44.1kHz and you should be set (providing everything is supposed to run at 44.1kHz in your system. If not, adapt the method to match your numbers)
Hope this helps

If Marc’s advice does not help, open the HSSE editor window. Click with the mouse on the on-screen keyboard, does sound come out or is there some metering flickering in the top middle of the editor window?
Would be also good if, while you have a project open, you choose from the main menu ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’. That creates silently a zip file on your desktop. Please attach it here.

Thank you. Now it works!!!