SOLVED: Dorico UI problem and update error.

SOLVED: Instead of the using the updater I uninstalled Dorico completely and then installed using the Steinberg download assistant. :slight_smile:

I have been using version 2.2. for a few weeks and all is well, EXCEPT: look at the bracketing tool (see graphic).

John Barron suggested I reinstall. I tried, twice, but it always says the installation failed: “An installation package for the product Steinberg Dorico 2 cannot be found. Try the installation again using a valid copy if the installation package Dorico2.msi.”

However the program does work (as version 2.2) but the bracketing tool is still wrong, as above.


Assuming the message means what it says, try downloading the installer again from the Steinberg website.

This sort of problem is often caused by the wrong version of one of the fonts - probably something left over from your previous version of Dorico, if the 2.2 install didn’t complete properly.

I have downloaded the installer for 2.2. three times now, always get the same message. And note that it says “a valid copy if the installation package Dorico2.msi.” and NOT Dorico 2.2.

John Barron suggested you restart your computer. Have you restarted your computer?

“Unrelated, but the bracketing options aren’t showing up properly in the LH panel, Alan. If you recently installed Dorico v2.2 then restart your computer and see if that fixes it.”

I have restarted several times, no difference.