[SOLVED] Downloaded CubasisLE, have iRig Keys Pro

I know it is free, but according to your website, this app is supposed to unlock for my hardware. The MIDI keyboard is a brand new iRig Keys Pro with 37 keys. And the app remains in Demo Mode. I don’t see a way of hooking up MIDI if the startup does not recognize my hardware.

I have an iPad 2 with a 30-Pin Connection. My Camera Connection kit is Apple made, no knock off.

I would love to try your product.

I also buy things I like. I did try it first with my Kawai KSP 10 Digital Piano which has a MIDI conversion from MIDI 5-Pin in and out to USB by M-Audio MIDISPORT UNO. When it told me I did not have the right hardware, I hooked up what I just bought over Labor Day weekend. Still did not recognize it.

Also restarted my iPad 2. My hookup works just fine with GarageBand and with iGrand Piano.

I also registered or I would not be here.

Thanks in advance for the help.

what´s your problem, exactly?

I think that there are two definitions of the IRig Pro Keys: one has a white housing and comes with extra wiring, the other only comes with the USB to mini USB to hook to the controller only, so has two less wires. I have an older iPad 2 which takes th 30-Pin connector. When I bought my 30-Pin Apple Camera Connection at Guitar Center, I asked about the difference between the IRig Keys Pro and the IRig Keys 37 Pro USB (both have 37 keys, their function is 100% identical when it comes to use). The “37” sells for less because it lacks lacks the Lightning wire and the Android wire (so I was told). They also told me in the long run to buy the 30-Pin Camera Connection is wiser because some proprietary camera connections or patch wiring stop working because of them not being genuine Apple parts. I’ve experienced that with my iPhone 6s. The car charger worked the first week I bought it from my cellular provider. Did I damage it? No. Meanwhile the genuine Apple parts work and I always keep things up to date unless there is a good reason not to.

I just thought it more wise to buy my camera connector separately. I may get the Lightning connector for my iPhone, because Sample Tank downloaded to that, doesn’t work with the 30-Pin connector on iPad 2. Could be it looks for more storage space than 16Gigs too?

What is weird is that I have GarageBand and iGrand Piano on my iPad and my hookup to the “37” works awesome. And I can open CubasisLE and I am in demo mode. I can play my keys and hear the MIDI drum set.

I can understand why IRig would go to selling the same controller without the patch wires if in the Apple iOS that any non-Apple parts hooking up to the iPad will stop working. Meanwhile it is a headache for them with returns, isn’t it?

In the end for the consumer, the cost buying separate parts is more, the 30-Pin connector was $30. Guitar Center sells the Lightning Camera Connection for $30 but are out of it, but BestBuy has it too on their website for $29.99 plus shipping. I bought my “37” for $79.00 on a Labor Day sale and bought a $19.99 foot pedal. The wire I would not need is the wire for the Android tablet, don’t have it and won’t buy it. If I had bought the IRig Pro for $149, however and then has to buy both the 30-Pin and Lightning wire camera connection kits as genuine Apple, I would spend more for the same equipment (different color).

I think if there is a different “ping” between the IRig Keys Pro and the IRig Keys 37 Pro to CubasisLE, it is similar enough to let it be partially recognized but it is not on the list even though both controllers do the same thing, I just want Apple connectors as I can see from my own experience from my car charger stopped working. I want to avoid headaches.

Do I expect CubasisLE to understand and add my controller to their list? Would be nice. But will they? In time I am sure, perhaps when they updated their product. But I don’t think they’ll holler out “Hey Sally! We fixed it just for you!”

In the meanwhile I would have bought the same controller again and the other parts separately again because it will work and I know it will. Bought them to travel and vacation with. I don’t want a headache.

Does that answer your question of how I screwed it up?

sorry, i ain´t got so much experience of apple-products and even not of Cubasis, but somebody who understand this, will help you better. but i thank you that you wrote your problem so much detailed. i hope for you somebody grit onb this thread and will crack this with you. :wink:

Hi TickleTheIvories,

We’re sorry to hear about your issues with Cubasis LE and your iRig device.

Below please find the link to the list of supported hardware devices to unlock Cubasis LE:

All of the devices listed have been properly tested and are compatible to unlock Cubasis LE.

Normally, it’s pretty simple to unlock the Cubasis LE feature set with a supported device:

  • Launch Cubasis LE on your iPad device.
  • Connect a supported hardware device.
  • Wait for pop-up confirmation that the LE feature set has been unlocked.

I’d suggest to get in touch with IK Multimedia as well to check if the problem could be related to another issue.

Hope that helps!


I think it is an issue between iRig and Steinberg.

I use MIDI and playing the piano as a form of ear therapy as I have really severe Tinnitus and it helps me to cope with it. I like keeping my mind occupied as if not you want me to list the various related symptoms it creates also? I took an early retirement, I can only hear partially on a phone.

So, have I tried everything, you determine, that no matter whether I am hooked up before I launch CubasisLE or afterwards, the same screen appears telling me that I am in Demo Mode.

I have tried it several times but whatever ping they are looking for, my product is not providing.

I am not going to return my keyboard and purchase the iRig Keys Pro vs the iRig Keys 37 Pro USB which I have now, it is more expensive and due to the fact that the interfaces after market parts plugging into either the lightning port or the 30-Pin port have been being disabled with updates to the iOS which happen automatically unless you say “no”, well I have a devise already which was disabled: my cellphone charger for my iPhone as it wasn’t an Apple product and did my cellphone company who I bought the phone from tell me it was not a genunine Apple product? No.

So I learned, to always be sure to buy genuine Apple parts from now on. I have asked on an iRig forum is their interface wires which come in the iRig Keys Pro are exempt from Apple’s disabling, so if I get an answer, I’ll report back.

In the meanwhile, though I bought my keyboard/controller on a Labor Day Weekend Sale for $79.99. I have also spent on two Apple Camera Connection kits: one for the iPad 2 (requires the 30-Pin adapter), and one for my more recent iPhone (takes the lightning to USB Female Camera Connection kit). Each was $30.00. The iRig Keys Pro sells for $150.00. I have spend $139.99 not including tax for what does with the keyboard/controller from iRig: EXACTLY THE SAME THING.

Should it work on CubasisLE, in my book, “YES”. But it does not.

I read lips fortunately so it is like being deaf with the amount of ringing I have in my ears called TINNITUS. I was very much hoping it would work.

As I said before, the light product would work for me and would likely upgrade to is, I’ve been very impressed with what I have seen.

But I have to afford things incrementally, does that sound familiar?

In the meanwhile, I have accessories I must pay for due to my hearing loss.

So I fall in between the cracks, don’t I?

Tell me, what could be better than the Apple Camera Connection kit hooked up to the iRig Keys 37 Pro USB? You know if I had stayed with the iRig Keys Pro and not bought the camera kits for my iPad and iPhone, I’d be using the Steinberg product now, whereas customers of the iRig Keys Pro would either be returning their products due to the newest diabling of the iOS of the iRig interface wires. They have to pay then through the nose again, except I bought my iRig Keys on Sale, still have 37 full-size keys, still supporting iRig who decided to sell the iRig Keys 37 Pro because I suspect the iOS updates are affecting them.

That I am a smarter customer, … well no good deed goes unpunished as they say.

In the end, who causes the most heartaches to a company, intelligent or unintelligent customers?

Everyday people return products which work but they don’t have the right hardware to coordinate with them. So in my case, I overthink? No, I think on the other end, no one considered that they were going to sell any iRig Keys 37 Pro USB keyboards.

Reviews by those who purchased it say it does all that the iRig Keys Pro can do, except qualify for what should logically work with Steinberg.

Oh, well, what more can I say?

Hi TickleTheIvories,

Thanks for your message.

I have posted you a private message with my Steinberg eMail contact, so we can directly keep up to solve the issue immediately.


Thank you for your attention to my issue and for solving it for me.

You’re welcome TickleTheIvories. Have great fun being creative…