[SOLVED] Dropouts with ext. Keyboard and virtual Instrument

:frowning: I can hardly play virtual Instruments polyphonic by triggering with an external keyboard. Dropouts occur and also note hangs. Mono is ok so far, apart from also random note hangs. Playing chords is quite impossible.
My Config: IPad4, Alesis Q25 Keyboard connected via Camera Connection Kit and aktive USB Hub. This config works fine with Garage Band (don’t like it, but its fine to cross check the Hardware Config).
Thanks for any ideas, hints or even confirmation of this issue…

Hi Fritz,

the issue is known and planned to be fixed with the next Cubasis update.



Thanks Lars, couldn’t find anything about in the “known bugs” list. I take your word and keep patient.
Kind regards


Please note that the issue above has been fixed with the release of Cubasis 1.8.3.
Please give it a re-check and let us have your feedback in the forum topic.



yeah, works great now. Thanks :smiley:

Thanks for checking! Great to hear the fix solved the issue at your end also.