[SOLVED] Drums Input with "Y" not working


in one of your videos i saw that the input of drum percussions can also be done with the “Y” key. Unfortunately this key does not work for me. Instead, Dorico zooms in. I have also already reset the key mapping to default. How can I enter notes with the “Y” key?

Is it possible that the different snare beats on the Mac don’t require the key combination Shift+Alt+Arrow up/down (as in Windows) but only the Options key?


Shift+Alt+up/down arrow is indeed required on both Windows and Mac to change the playing technique for the selected note. Alt+up/down moves to the next/previous instrument in the kit.

If you’re on a German keyboard, the key command for inputting notes at the current pitch is Z rather than Y.

Danke Daniel. Die Taste “Z” zu verwenden wäre ich nie darauf gekommen. :slight_smile: Ich habe einen iMac dort gibt es keine “Alt” Taste welche muss ich dann benutzen?

Try Opt. :wink:

Auf einem Mac trägt diese Taste meistens auch das Symbol ⌥ .