[Solved] Dynamics/Lyrics Colliding On Title Page


In my present score I have four vocal parts and on my title page the dynamics, which are positioned above the stave, collide with the lyrics of the voice above. For the rest of the score this is fine, it is just on my title page. In my “Setup > Layout > Space Size” I have set “Rastral Size 7” which seems a good option for the score in general.

I’m certain there’s a way to clear the dynamics/lyrics collisions on the title page but it’s evading me just now. I’d be grateful if someone could point me to the best way to clear them.


It sounds as though there’s just not enough space on the title page for Dorico to avoid all collisions.
I would try to reduce the ideal gaps on the Vertical Spacing page of Layout Options in order to make more space available. You could also take a look at the relevant pages of Engraving Options in order to move lyrics and/or dynamics a bit closer to the staves. If that’s not enough I would probably even consider reducing the staff size slightly on the first page only.

Do you mean you set the rastral size for the entire piece at 7 or just for the first page?
I don’t know what options are resizable, but IIRC with a system break at the end of your first page, you ought to be able to set some spacing options differently for page 1.

EDIT: Just went and checked. I guess my solution is not possible. Rastral size is Layout specific.

Sorry, Derrek, I don’t want to be a know-all, but this is possible, though slightly awkward. You need two system breaks, one at the start, the other at the end of the passage you want to have a smaller rastral size. First switch on the space size property for the second system break. Unfortunately this doesn’t read out the current staff size, you’ll have to set it according to the layout options yourself. Then switch on the same property for the first system break and set the desired value there.

Glad it’s possible even if I couldn’t find it. Hope that will help Michael with his project.

Hello fkretlow and Derrek,

Thanks for your replies, I have now managed to resolve the collisions.

I checked every bar in my score and found one ‘hiding’ in the middle where a dynamic collided with a lyric above. Previously I had thought it was just my title page. I changed the rastral size to size 8 and this resolved the title page collisions nicely but that bar in the middle still had the collision.

To resolve this I just used the “Engrave Tab > Staff Spacing” and dragged the staves to clear collisions. Should anyone reading this want detailed information on spacing staves, the video, “How to Control Staff Spacing” by Anthony Hughes is excellent: How to Control Staff Spacing | Engrave Mode in Dorico - YouTube