[SOLVED] Editing a midi track

Apologies in advance fir such a basic question .
When I add a note or 2 to a midi track it superimposes it over the top of the original track like a separate little block. How can I avoid that ? I just want the added notes in the original track block

Hi mikeconnectuk,

Thank you for your message.

Do you mean, that the recorded MIDI event overlays the existing one?
If so, these are the steps to combine several MIDI events into one event:

  • Tap “SELECT”, located in the sub menu
  • Tap, hold and move your finger around the events you want to select
  • Tap “GLUE” from the sub menu to combine the selected events into a single MIDI event

Hope that helps!


Thanks Lars . As always great support .

Thanks mikeconnectuk!


Do I need to use third party sound fonts to expand the Cubasis fonts . I don’t see any in your shop, like synths Strings pads guitars pianos etc
I only see drums and loops and effects

Hi mikeconnectuk,

Thank you for your message.

To check out the included Cubasis instruments please browse the following MediaBay folders:

MediaBay/Instruments/Micrologue/Factory Presets*

MediaBay/Instruments/Microsonic/Factory Presets

MediaBay/Instruments/MiniSampler/Factory Presets

All presets listed here come with short audio previews, which can be played back via the “Autoplay” button.

The MiniSampler allows to easily and quickly create further presets.

Which additional instruments you are missing (Cubasis instrument/sound), and would like to see as an IAP?

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