[SOLVED] Elements Reactivation problem

Last week I upgraded Cubase “AI” to “Elements” , i received the serial number in my mailbox ,added it to eLicenser
and everything it was ok! .

Yesterday i formatted my PC and have a problem with reactivate “Elements” ,

in Mysteinberg page under “my products” tab i can find only “AI” version available, when i try to put the “Elements” serial number directly to eLicenser
it says! “This eLicenser is deprecated” or " your Cdkey is already used …" and the same happens when i try to register “Elements” cdkey to Mysteinberg page.

Cubase “Elements” should be appear in “My Products” tab ? or not ?

any advice pls ?

Hi and welcome,

Cubase Elements should appear in your MySteinberg account, if you have registered it.

Only official support can deal with the licenses, please get in touch with your local Steinbeg support.

Maybe the problem is i upgraded directly from “eLicenser Control Center” and not from MySteinberg account first.

Thank you , i’ll try to contact with my local Steinberg support


No, the upgrade was correct. You have to upgrade the license from the eLCC, this is the only way. But then the upgrade should be registered in your MySteinberg account (what I would expect is done automatically when you upgrade the license, but I’m not sure about it).

Yes , my thought exactly ,but never appears there Only the AI version exist.

i tried also to install AI and after installation put the Elements cdkey to do the same process , but nope it says the same.

and I can’t find how to contact steinberg directly , from Mysteinberg account send me to my local distributor


Your local distributor/technical support can solve it too.


Problem SOLVED after i was contact with my local distributor.
Maybe the reason for that it was i used the serial number to Elicencer first than Mysteinberg page to register Elements.