SOLVED - eLlicenser suddenly empty

Starting up Dorico this morning, I got the message that there wasn’t a valid license found. Opening the eLicenser Control Center, it turned out that all my licenses are gone! I am running the latest app and did the maintenance, but it didn’t help. I am using Cubase 10.5 and Dorico 3 daily so I am stuck now. How do I fix this?

Are all your licenses on the USB-eLicenser? The Cubase must be, but also the Dorico license?
Have you tried rebooting and sticking into a different USB port?

Yes, I did all that. However, I was able to fix it very easily by taking out the iLok dongle (!) and replace it with the Elicenser. No idea when I exchanged those two. So sorry to post this very dumb post!

Thanks Andre for your honesty! You made me laugh out loud in the morning :slight_smile:

Best way to start the morning. Together with a coffee ofcourse.

Cheers :laughing: