[solved] Empty staff hiding difficulty

MacRae-Mellen - Nagivating Life.zip (2.9 MB)

In the attached project, for some reason hiding empty staves is working on the first page of the Lead Sheet layout, but no other pages. I’ve tried messing around with system breaks etc, but nothing seems to change this behavior.
Does anyone have a solution for this or know what’s going wrong?

Select the Downstem lyric in 21 or 61 (and possibly a couple of other places) and you’ll see in the status bar that they’re much longer in duration than what shows on the page. You can either use Shift-Alt-Left to shorten them (though this might take a while) or you could reinput but don’t hit Space for the third time; use Shift-Alt-Right to lengthen to the last relevant note. Or just delete and reinput into the Upstem Voice.

(This behaviour has been spotted before and is on the team’s radar, but I don’t have time just now to go digging.)

Thank you! I just came across this myself as well. Good eyes!