[SOLVED] Endpoint configurations not loaded


I’ve created my monster playback template for VSL BBO, and am finally applying it to a new score. The playback template was create by working in separate projects for each of the BBO libraries. For each one I create playing and playback techniques corresponding to patches in the library. Then, I saved everything in an endpoint configuration, that was then added to the playback template.

When loading all the endpoint configurations added to the playback template, several of the playing techniques are missing from the Playing Techniques panel. I would say, the techniques for entire libraries are missing.

When opening the corresponding project, all the techniques are there. When applying the full playback template, they are missing.

Maybe there is a maximum number of techniques allowed?


EDIT: Changed the Subject line, to mirror the actual content of the discussion.

There is something else I noticed. Not only the techniques are not imported when applying the playback template, but even the expression map is reset to a prior version. If I manually import the newer version, it is reset when applying the playback template again.

The playback template is updated by removing the endpoint configuration, and then adding it again. So, it should be the most up-to-date version.

The name of the missing endpoint configuration is included in the “playbacktemplatespec.xml” definition file.

If I remember correctly, this happened to me with a different library/endpoint configuration/playback template some days ago.


When creating a playback technique, did you click the star to make it default configuration?

Hi Québ, no, because that’s not what I’m trying to achieve.

As far as I understand, you can make a playing technique default, by marking it with a star in the Edit Playing Techniques window. Making a technique default makes it available to all the new scores create after that.

The reason I’m using playback templates is to only recall the playing/playback techniques I need for a score. The huge amount of playing techniques needed for the available sound libraries make this modular approach absolutely necessary to avoid drowning in them.

So, if I need patches from VSL’s VI library I recall that playback template, with the included endpoint configurations (and therefore playing and playback techniques and expression and percussion maps). If I need patches from VSL’s BBO library I recall the relevant playback template.

My issue, here, is that sometimes endpoint configurations, included in a playback template, are not loaded when applying this latter. And there is no other way to load the included playing and playback techniques.


Now it works. I don’t know how, but what has happened is: restart Dorico, rebuild the playback template, restart the Mac. I guess the only action after which the playback template started loading the missing endpoint configuration was this latter. Makes no sense, but the other actions didn’t solve the issue.